Re: 2.5.70-mm6

From: Felipe Alfaro Solana (
Date: Sun Jun 08 2003 - 07:09:57 EST

On Sun, 2003-06-08 at 00:14, Andrew Morton wrote:
> . Numerous little fixes and additional work against additional patches.
> . Waaay too many "cleanups". These are taking significant amounts of
> effort and it is time to start learning to live with dirty code.
> . -mm kernels will be running at HZ=100 for a while. This is because
> the anticipatory scheduler's behaviour may be altered by the lower
> resolution. Some architectures continue to use 100Hz and we need the
> testing coverage which x86 provides.

Testing it right now... It compiles nicely with gcc 3.3 (remember the
problems I had with snd-ymfpci when using gcc 3.2), boots and seems

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