2.5.70-mm5: sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vx* multiple definitions

From: Adrian Bunk (bunk@fs.tum.de)
Date: Sat Jun 07 2003 - 05:08:36 EST

It seems the following compile error comes from Linus' tree:

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  LD sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxpocket.o
  LD sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxp440.o
  LD sound/pcmcia/vx/built-in.o
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxp440.o(.text+0x160): In function
: multiple definition of `snd_vxpocket_attach'
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxpocket.o(.text+0x160): first defined here
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxp440.o(.data+0x1a0): multiple definition of
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxpocket.o(.data+0x1a0): first defined here
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxp440.o(.text+0x420): In function
: multiple definition of `snd_vxpocket_detach'
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxpocket.o(.text+0x420): first defined here
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxp440.o(.text+0x1320): In function
: multiple definition of `vx_set_mic_boost'
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxpocket.o(.text+0x1320): first defined here
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxp440.o(.text+0x4e0): In function
: multiple definition of `snd_vxpocket_detach_all'
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxpocket.o(.text+0x4e0): first defined here
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxp440.o(.text+0x1a60): In function
: multiple definition of `vxp_add_mic_controls'
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxpocket.o(.text+0x1a60): first defined here
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxp440.o(.text+0x14e0): In function
: multiple definition of `vx_set_mic_level'
sound/pcmcia/vx/snd-vxpocket.o(.text+0x14e0): first defined here
make[3]: *** [sound/pcmcia/vx/built-in.o] Error 1

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