Re: Smart Array driver

Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 15:26:52 EST

Argh, I thought I had checked that option. That option
was off and it worked when I turned it on. It didn't boot
all the way because the kernel didn't understand the
/ label on the partition. Something I can fix however.


John Stoffel wrote:

>kwijibo> Is the Compaq Smart Array 5XXX driver 2.5.x ready? Before I
>kwijibo> get to far into debugging this computer I figure I would ask.
>kwijibo> It boots fine in 2.4.x kernels but when I try 2.5.70 it
>kwijibo> freezes at the Uncompressing Linux line. I thought maybe I
>kwijibo> didn't the console set up right for 2.5 but as far as I can
>kwijibo> tell it is and even if it wasn't it should still continue
>kwijibo> booting and eventually be pingable. My first thought was of
>kwijibo> the RAID controller. This is on a HP Proliant ML530. Any
>kwijibo> suggestions? Config attached.
>I was going to suggest that you make sure ACPI was turned off, but
>your config shows that already. Make sure you have CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE
>set is all I can think of.
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