Re: Kernel printk format string compression: C syntax problem

From: Timothy Miller (
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 13:49:11 EST

Richard B. Johnson wrote:

> Aren't octal values supposed to always start with '0'? I remember
> this from some formal training when 'C' replaced Pascal. The
> second "printf()" should __not__ TAB over the text. With GNU
> gcc, it does. This doesn't mean that it's "correct", only that
> GNU does it that way.

Octal values start with '0' when they're numerical values. When they're
in strings as escape characters, the C syntax is "\nnn". Every
reference I find says that. Some script languages, however require that
octal values start with '0' in strings, so csh would expect to see "\0nnn".

Additionally, when I compile in the dictionary into the program that
does the string replacement, I get no complaints, although every
character in there is "\nnn".

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