From: Ravi Kiran G (ravik@ionicmicro.com)
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 10:50:23 EST


this is w.r.t. to the ipNetToMediaTable.
i am working on a project which requires me to add an entry to this table
through a UCD SNMP (4.1.2) manager.
i am currently using the foll. command:

snmpset -v 3 -u <my-user-name> -l authnopriv -a MD5 -A <my-key>
<my-agent-ip> . x "00 a0 b0 c0 d0 ef" (some

however, this is resulting in an error packet which says:

Error in Packet.
Reason: noCreation

i also tried the v2 version and i get a similar error (SNMPv2: creation not

could some one please help me out as to where i am going wrong?


ravi kiran.

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