[PATCH] ethtool_ops

From: Matthew Wilcox (willy@debian.org)
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 09:29:51 EST

The patch is 40k, so I'm not going to post it inline.

Right now, each network driver which supports the ethtool ioctl has its
own implementation of everything from decoding which ethtool ioctl it is,
copying data to and from userspace, marshalling and unmarshalling data
from ethtool packets, etc. The current setup makes it impossible to
use alternative interfaces to get at the same data (eg sysfs) and it's
not exactly typesafe.

This patch introduces ethtool_ops and converts tg3 to use it.
Drivers don't access userspace on their own under this scheme; they
just do the requested operation and return the appropriate value(s).
Compile-tested only; design approved by jgarzik. Comments welcomed.

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