Question: sk_buff and destructor

From: Arun Dharankar (ADharankar@ATTBI.Com)
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 11:24:33 EST


One ethernet driver I am working with, allocates sk_buff using
dev_alloc_skb to send the received data to network layers above.
It also sets the sk_buff->dev field to its own net_device.

If the driver also sets the sk_buff->destructor to be one its
functions: can the sk_buff->dev be guaranteed to be the same
as when the destructor is called? I could not find any driver
making use of this struct member.

I am attempting to detect an sk_buff leak, almost likely in
the driver. Is there any other pointers/ideas I might be able to
use to debug this leak? I am using Linux 2.4.20.

Best regards,

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