Re: /proc/bus/pci

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt (
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 07:43:16 EST

> So sysfs then has:
> devices/pci2/02:0b.0 -> ../hose0/bus2/dev11/fn0
> devices/hose0/bus2/dev11/fn0/config-space
> devices/hose0/bus2/dev11/fn0/bar0
> devices/hose0/bus2/dev11/fn0/bar1
> devices/hose0/bus2/dev11/fn0/bar2
> devices/hose0/bus2/dev11/fn0/class
> devices/hose0/bus2/dev11/fn0/power
> devices/hose0/bus2/dev11/fn0/subsystem_vendor
> devices/hose0/bus2/dev11/fn0/and-so-on

The first entry (devices/pci2/....) is wrong imho.

With multiple domains, we can have several busses with the same bus number,
one in each domain. So it's a matter of taking the current set of pciN
entries and moving them below a "pci-domain" entry (or hose, or whatever
Linus prefers).

Also, the node name for individual PCI devices must include the domain
number, the current bus:dev.fn notation isn't enough, that will break
things like /sys/bus/pci/devices when you have several identical bus/devfn
pairs on different domains


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