2.4.21-rc7 AMD64 dpt_i2o fails compile

From: Warren Togami (warren@togami.com)
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 02:54:53 EST

On Wed, 2003-06-04 at 19:08, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Warren Togami (warren@togami.com) said:
> > My two Tyan S2880GNR dual Opteron servers came in today. Sweet!
> >
> > Unfortunately the Adaptec 2110S SCSI RAID controllers within both
> > servers are unable to work with any of the drivers in GinGin64's
> > Anaconda. Searching the net it seems that this controller needs the
> > dpt_i2o module which exists in Shrike, but not in GinGin64's kernel.
> > Were there problems with that module in AMD64?
> >
> > http://www.togami.com/~warren/archive/2003/tyan_opteron.txt
> > lspci, lspci -n, lspci -vvv
> >
> > I'm installing onto an IDE hard drive now and plan on building custom
> > kernels from there.
> >
> > Any recommendations of things to try?
> Rebuild the kernel with the driver, see what happens. I don't think
> we've tested that driver here to confirm whether it does or doesn't
> have problems.

2.4.20-9.2 (GinGin64)
Build failure when dpt is enabled as a module. This is probably why
this and many other kernel modules were not included in the GinGin64
preview release.

Unfortunately it fails compilation in the same place for 2.4.21-rc7.
I'm testing 2.5.70-bk* next.

LKML, any existing patches for this dpt_i2o module AMD64 compilation
issue? Please CC me because not currently subscribed to lkml.

Warren Togami

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