Re: 2.5.70-mm4

From: Neil Brown (
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 20:53:51 EST

On Wednesday June 4, wrote:
> Raid-1 seems to work in 2.5.70-mm4, but raid-0 still fail.
> Trying to boot with raid-0 autodetect yields a long string of:
> Slab error in cache_free_debugcheck
> cache 'size-32' double free or
> memory after object overwritten.
> (Is this something "Page alloc debugging"may be used for?)
> kfree+0xfc/0x330
> raid0_run
> raid0_run
> printk
> blk_queue_make_request
> do_md_run
> md_ioctl
> dput
> blkdev_ioctl
> sys_ioctl
> syscall_call
> I get a ton of these, in between normal
> initialization messages. Then the thing
> dies with a panic due to exception in interrupt.
> This is a monolithic smp preempt kernel on a dual celeron.
> The disks are scsi, the filesystems ext2. There is one
> raid-0 array and two raid-1 arrays, as well as some
> ordinary partitions. Root is on raid-1.
> Helge Hafting

grrr... I thought I had that right...

You need to remove the two calls to 'kfree' at the end of

I have jsut sent some patches to Linus (and linux-raid@vger) which
will update his tree to include this fix.

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