Another must-fix: sbp2 and firewire hard disk crashes hard.

From: Torrey Hoffman (
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 18:48:29 EST

This must be something about my particular hardware/software
configuration or more people would be reporting it.

I will try to nail down the problem, but as soon as the SBP2 driver in
2.5.(recent) sees my firewire drive, either during kernel boot or later
if I turn on / plug in the drive, the system crashes and dumps a
seemingly endless stack trace. It doesn't make it to the system log, so
I don't have much more than that yet.

Many more details available on request. And more information coming

Unfortunately for me, 2.4 is extremely flaky for sbp2 as well. (sigh).
Red Hat kernels oops a few seconds after the drive is plugged in, but
the system keeps running so I have some decoded oops for those at
least. I'll try to get one from a stock 2.4.recent...

Torrey Hoffman <>

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