Re: IDE Power Management (Was: software suspend in 2.5.70-mm3)

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 14:46:59 EST


> > ............
> > [nosave c03f7000]critical section/: done (2273 pages copied)
> > hda: Wakeup request inited, waiting for !BSY...
> > hda: start_power_step(susp: 0, step: 0)
> > hda: start_power_step(susp: 0, step: 101)
> > hda: completing PM request, suspend: 0
> > Devices Resumed
> > Devices Resumed
> Hrm... the joy if swsusp putting your disk to sleep just to wake it up
> right away... I need to check if I can differenciate suspend-to-disk
> from suspend-to-ram here to just not put the drive in STANDBY mode
> on suspend-to-disk (just freeze the queues)

Why? Suspending then resuming it may take long but seems correct to

> > Writing data to swap (2273 pages): .<3>bad: scheduling while atomic!
> Here's the real one. However, it doesn't look related to my sleep code,
> though I cannot guarantee this for sure right now, it _seems_ it's
> a swsusp bug you are hitting.

Yes, it looks so.

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