orinoco_cs module removal problem

From: Maciej (maciej@apathy.killer-robot.net)
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 12:51:21 EST

I just switched from 2.5.68 to 2.5.70, and I'm having trouble removing
the orinoco_cs module on the fly. After bringing the interface down,
doing an "rmmod orinoco_cs" causes the rmmod process to lock up, and
subseqeunt invocations of lsmod and 'cat /proc/modules' to do the same.
I get a bunch of messages like the following in the kernel log:

"unregister_netdevice: waiting for eth2 to become free. Usage count = 1

However, eth2, the orinoco device, no longer exists (it's not listed
in /proc/net/dev).

                                      Maciej Babinski
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