Re: 2.5.70 add_disk(disk) re-registering disk->queue->elevator.kobj (bug?!)

From: Lou Langholtz (
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 19:29:19 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:

>Lou Langholtz <> wrote:
>>Or perhaps the block
>>handling logic was changed such that disks don't share the same
>>request_queue anymore. If so, then a few drivers (like nbd) need to be
>>updated to use a seperate request_queue per disk.
>The ramdisk driver was recently changed to do exactly this. From what
>you say it appears that nbd needs the same treatment.
I noticed that too but thought surely that couldn't be why the rd driver
was changes. Cause... then it would seem via 'grep blk_init_queue
drivers/block/*.c' that most of the block drivers need to be changed.
And having a request_queue structure for every disk that's often (in
these drivers) every minor device, seems like a lot of unneeded memory
usage too. I'm afraid to ask this, but are you sure that each disk
really is supposed to have its own request queue now? That seems less
sensible than inverting the kobject parenting logic so that the
request_queue.elevator kobject is the parent of the disk kobject. After
all, makes more sense for multiple gen_disk objects to belong to the
same elevator than for multiple elevators to belong to the same gen_disk

Anyways.... thanks for setting me straight ;-)


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