Re: [BUG] ieee1394 sbp2 driver is broken for kernel >= 2.4.21-rc2

From: Ben Collins (
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 13:54:21 EST

> First, I never trust hotplug or other tools like this:
> I do all insmod by hand, so I know all drivers have been loaded.
> What is hotplug supposed to do (but wasn't in previous driver
> version...) ?

I didn't say CONFIG_HOTPLUG, I said hotplug. Basically SCSI in 2.4 will
not let recognize devices that were not present when the scsi-host was
initially registered with the SCSI stack. You have to run (or manually send the add/remove commands via

Please read the linux-kernel and/or linux1394-devel mailing list
archives. I really hate dredging this all up again.

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