Re: Linux and IBM : "unauthorized" mini-PCI : TCPA updates

From: Mark Grosberg (
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 14:35:27 EST

> Firstly IBM seem to claim the device supports mini-PCI but their public
> details do not make it clear IBM only allow its use with certain
> components so its not true mini-PCI - thats advertising and sales of
> goods happy lawsuit time, and remarkably careless.

Maybe there is a less evil explanation for this?

This is hypothetical, but before people go off and do something rash,
perhaps IBM prevents the card from booting for a technical reason. Maybe
it works electrically but in late testing they found it caused thermal or
electrical problems.

A quick fix would be to put a "do-not-boot" clause in the BIOS so the user
doesn't cook their machine.

Just a perspective from a (former) hardware person.

Mark G.

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