Re: 2.5.70 and 2.5.70-mm3 hang on bootup

From: John Stoffel (
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 10:30:49 EST

Martin> On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 15:58, John Stoffel wrote:
>> Thanks for all the help, my initial thoughts that APIC was the root of
>> my problem was wrong, it was all ACPI issues. Maybe we should put in
>> a note in the Kconfig help entries for people to disable ACPI if they
>> enable SMP and/or UP APIC options?

Martin> Both my previous board (Asus P4T533-C with 850E chipset) and
Martin> current one (Asus P4C800 with 875P chipset) works fine with
Martin> ACPI, APIC, and IO-APIC enabled ....

You have much newer chipsets that I do, I have a 440GX board. My
suggestion for the note in Kconfig is merely that if your system hangs
after printing just a couple of lines on bootup, try disabling ACPI in
your kernel.

I probably wasn't clear enough.

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