Re: [PATCH RFC] 1/2 central workspace for zlib

From: matsunaga (
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 11:07:20 EST

> Not bad. We can even do a little better. Since only one workspace is
> really absolutely necessary (ignoring the siftirq case), there is no
> need to fail anymore. If we don't get enough memory for all
> workspaces, initialize the semaphore to be a little lower and live
> with fewer workspaces.
> I like your ideas, really! :)

> ...that is not trivial to get rid of. Image the case where two
> processes are writing to two devices. With two buffers, we do rmew
> whenever switching blocks for one device. With one buffer, we have to
> do it for every context switch between those two processes, which will
> wear down the flash a lot faster.
> Considering that mtdblock should not be performance critical in
> production use anyway, this is a very hard problem. What do you
> think?

I understand the difficulty. It is difficult to be hard coded for multi devices.
There maybe other things to be modified to improve perforamance.


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