Re: [PATCH RFC] 1/2 central workspace for zlib

From: Jörn Engel (
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 07:19:59 EST

On Sat, 31 May 2003 20:25:16 -0500, Matt Mackall wrote:
> Timing on jffs2 is notoriously unrepeatable anyway - it's fully log
> structured rather than journalled so it behaves a little differently.

cp jffs2.image /dev/partition_for_jffs2
cp jffs2.image /dev/partition_for_jffs2

No problem, if you know how to deal with it. And when doing
comparison benchmarks remember to sleep a lot. Without that, you end
up measuring GC efficiency, which doesn't matter in real life too


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