Re: cdrecord and 2.5 kernels

From: Markus Plail (
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 13:21:02 EST

On Sun, 01 Jun 2003, Markus Plail wrote:

> I just compiled a few kernels and realized that 2.5.45 was the kernel
> that broke writing DVD/CD-Rs for me. The messages at the bottom are
> from 2.5.70 plus the second sg_io patch.

And now I realized something even more strange: My old acer writer
works just fine with 2.5.70 and ide-cd.
Both work fine when I use ide-scsi. I also swapped the drives to see if
it's a problem with the cabling or the order in which they are
connected to the bus. Nothing changed.
Also with 2.5.44, where I don't get the same error, the TEAC doesn't
work 100% either. Burning a CD-R with it, which should be possible at
max. 16x I get a speed about 67x, both with cdrdao and cdrecord. The so
burned CD-R aren't readable.


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