Re: 2.5.70 and 2.5.70-mm3 hang on bootup

From: John Stoffel (
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 12:52:28 EST

Bernhard> Both 2.5.70 and 2.5.70-mm3 hang right after "Ok, booting the
Bernhard> kernel..." on one of my test boxes (at the point, nothing
Bernhard> works, not even turning on/off the NumLock LED).

Bernhard> Hardware: ASUS A7S333, Athlon 2600+, 1 GB RAM
Bernhard> Compiler: gcc 3.3

Make sure you've turned off APIC mode, even for UP processors. I'm
trying to get 2.5.70-mm3 working with SMP and I've narrowed it down to
an APIC problem. Doesn't matter if I'm SMP or UP if I have APIC
enabled. Booting with 'noapic' doesn't seem to help, but I'm probably
doing that part wrong.

My machine is a Dell Precision 610MT, dual 550 Mhz PIII Xeon, 440BX
chipset. Latest BIOS from Dell, but it's a pretty stripped down one,
not much to poke at.

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