Re: weird keyboard with 2.5.70

From: Christian Kujau (
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 08:52:42 EST

Konstantin Kletschke schrieb:
> * Christian Kujau <> [Sun, Jun 01, 2003 at 01:27:30AM +0200]:
>>hm, i guessed this was an important thing "in the old days" (TM),
>>i never had problems when "hotplugging" ps/2. nevertheless - i _have_ to
>>unplug/replug the ps/2 keyboard to actually _use_ it. after this is done
>>the keyboard is working right (and the mainboard, too :-))
> Today I realize it more signifikant here. Sometimes a pressed key hangs,
> the kernel realizes not, that it was a single click. Then the Key is
> repeyted until I press it once again.

no, here it's more than "a single klick will write 5-10 chars". it is
_not_ repeated to the infinite. and no, both kbds are OK (2.4.20-rc3 works)

> Christian, do you get this error only in X or at console too?

on X and console.

> Furthermore my ps2 kbd is usable without hotplugging it, though.
> The strange thing happens very often using ssh.

no, i don't think it's appliation related. to actuallay _use_ my system
i have to login. and to do that, i will write my username / password.
and to do that, i have to unplug/replug my keyboard.

since i have other module issues right now i'm on 2.4.20rc3 again. what
i have done yesterday in the evening was this:
- i compiled 2.5.70 again, input/usb support statically include but with
a modular CONFIG_USB_KBD (usbkbd) and a modular CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ATKBD
(atkbd). then i rebooted, logged in via remote console where i was able
to load "atkbd" and "usbkbd". then both kbds were up *in a sane way* !!

so this would be the workaround for me.
i wonder when the problem will diesappear as it did on linux/alpha :-)

Thanks for comments,

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