USB 2.0 with 250Gb disk and insane loads

From: Alexander Hoogerhuis (
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 08:47:30 EST

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I'm trying to nail own a problem here, with my shiny new Maxtor 250Gb
USB 2.0 disk. Under 2.4 (vanilla, latest 21-preX and 21-preX-acY) the
disk will mount and talk nicely. As soon as any load hits it, e.g. a
single cp from my internal CD-ROM to the disk, the mahcine load will
sky-rocket and at some point within a few minuter hang the machine.

On 2.5 (vanilla and -mm) the load will show as i/o-wait and at some
point hang any access to the drive, but the kernel will go on working.

The drive will be dicovered nicely by the hotplug scripts and it will
load the apropriate drivers to make it show up as /dev/sda.

Any ideas how to nail down this problem when 2.4 will say nothing
before it locks hard and 2.5 doesnt say aything but goes off to hang
itself after a while with no furter clue?

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