RE: SCO's claims seem empty

From: Riley Williams (Riley@Williams.Name)
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 04:40:06 EST

Hi Lionel.

>> It seems they removed everything related to this case from the
>> Press Release page.
>> Anyone knows why ?

> Might be related to
> It is unclear to me if the first link refers to a cease-and-desist
> letter or a restraining order from a court. Maybe people that speak
> German better than I do can tell us?

Here's what BabelFish made of that page...although I'm none the wiser on
that point...

=======8<======= CUT =======>8=======

A muzzle for SCO

The ex-Linux-ex-Linux-Vertreiber SCO may not maintain no more for the time
being after provisional orders, Linux is an illegal beneficiary protected
Unix code. After a warning by the LinuxTag e.V. now a provisional order is
opposite SCO been issued that the enterprise may not state for the time
being any longer, Linux contains to injustice code from the Unix existence
by court. During offence SCO a punishment of 250.000 euro threatens; with a
just as high penalty clause that occupied of Bremen regional court the
German SCO address in the case of the expression mentioned, after the
software house had become before digit there Univention -- this case the
effect is limited however to the German address of SCO.

The today's SCO resident in the US Federal State Utah, followed from the
Linux linux-Vertreiber Caldera of system, Inc., which 2001 software division
and the Professional services division of the 1979 created The Santa Cruz
operation (SCO) took over the active of the servers and thereupon as Caldera
international, Inc. firmierte. Only in the year 2002 the new Caldera in SCO
designated itself over. The new SCO bankruptcy-endangered in the meantime
had arrived by the entrances from the original Santa Cruz operation into the
possession of copyrights at the operating system Unix and in March IBM for a
billion US dollar compensation sued, because Big Blue hurt the Unix vested
titles by its Linux commitment allegedly.

Although in the public fast the suspicion arose, SCO wanted to provoke by in
the meantime gratefully the action supported by Microsoft against Linux a
firm buying up as last rescue , continued to heat up the SCO strategists the
conflict lively and threatened meanwhile also the Linux author Linus
Torvalds with legal steps. This showed up however little impressed and
followed the being correct leaders, that wanted to see first proofs of SCO.
Also Novell had denied and sees themselves the SCO requirements on Unix
percentages of profits publicly now obviously likewise in the line of fire
of the SCO lawyers. ( hps /c't)

=======8<======= CUT =======>8=======

> ... or to ...

That includes an English translation, so is much easier to parse...

Best wishes from Riley.

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