ACPI interrupt storm (was Re: Linux 2.4.21rc6-ac1)

From: Paul P Komkoff Jr (
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 02:23:29 EST

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Replying to Andreas Haumer:
> 2.) ACPI itself doesn't work right anymore and makes the system
> unusable... :-(
> It did work with the last AC kernel I tried (2.4.21-rc2-ac2)
> Symptoms are:
> No ethernet, NIC (Intel eepro100) doesn't get interrupts,
> ACPI interrupt "storm" (millions of IRQ in a few minutes)
> Booting with "acpi=off" makes the system work again, but without
> ACPI, of course.
> Here are a few more infos from the running system:
> Asus P4B motherboard, P4 1.6GHz processor, 1.2GB RAM

I am here experiencing almost same behavior, but I didnt collected enough
data to isolate the problem
few points:
1. It is new acpi code, backported by alan in latest -ac. Previous (2.4)
acpi "works" (err, it's outdated and more but at least no interrupt storm).
I didnt tried running 2.5 on the target machine yet.

2. all other devices working fine. The only visible things are slow mouse
responsiveness and >60k interrupts per second at vmstat output

The box is p4-based fujitsu scenic. More information is available on request.
And I will try 2.5 on it soon.

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