context switch code question

From: Robert Schweikert (
Date: Thu Apr 17 2003 - 16:19:32 EST

Can someone please point me to the context switching code. I am
interested in the context switch structure and the values that are
saved. I am chasing a weird problem with some numerical code that uses
mmx instructions to get flush to zero to work. Specifically I am calling


macro which in turn ends up calling _mm_setcsr(), wherever that might be

What I am trying to figure out is a.) is this register value properly
set/reset during context switch and b.) is this particular register
properly transfered when the process gets moved to another CPU.

I assume that this is a configurable option in the kernel since PII and
Pentium do not have this instruction, and thus it could just be that my
kernel is not configured correctly.

I tried to find this type of info without posting but failed.


Robert Schweikert <>
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