Re: [BK+PATCH] remove __constant_memcpy

From: Linus Torvalds (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 21:06:27 EST

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> gcc's __builtin_memcpy performs the same function (and more) as the
> kernel's __constant_memcpy. So, let's remove __constant_memcpy, and let
> the compiler do it.

Please don't.

There's no way gcc will EVER get the SSE2 cases right. It just cannot do
it. In fact, I live in fear that we will have to turn off the compiler
intrisics entirely some day just because there is always the worry that
gcc will start using FP.

So the advantage of doing our own memcpy() is not that it's necessarily
faster than the gcc built-in, but simply because I do not believe that the
gcc people care enough about the kernel to let them make the choice.


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