RE: How to identify contents of /lib/modules/*

From: Cameron, Steve (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 10:58:48 EST

Alan Cox wrote:

> On Mer, 2003-04-16 at 03:00, Stephen Cameron wrote:
> > The task for the binary driver distributor becomes to figure out which
> > of these multiple errata kernels found in /boot corresponds to the
> > /lib/modules directory, so we can drop the binary driver that was
> > made for that errata kernel in there, and not a driver made for the
> > wrong kernel.
> if its an rpm based distro
> rpm -qf /lib/modules/[version]/something
> will tell you which kernel owns the file.

Yep. I thought of that too, which is why I had also written:

steve> Also, rpm -qf to try to id the RPM from which some /lib/modules file
steve> or vmlinuz won't necessarily work, as rpm can report they belong to
steve> multiple RPMs in certain cases.

I think it's the use of "--force" option to RPM that causes this,
or else, faulty RPMs. It's not so easy to make a well-behaved
RPM. Having tried myself, sometimes I think maybe RPM
really stands for "Revolting Pile of Manure". (no offense ;-) Of
course I'm probably trying to bend it do a job for which perhaps
it is not so well suited.

-- steve

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