Re: SoundBlaster Live! with kernel 2.5.x

From: Alistair Strachan (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 09:07:25 EST

On Wednesday 16 April 2003 05:29, you wrote:
> OK, I was using ALSA, but I tried OSS instead. I don't get the popping
> sounds anymore, but I don't get any sound at all.

Add an entry to the kernel bugzilla detailing the ALSA trouble. See Robert's
post about checking logs and dmesg for errors.

> udo:~$ dmesg | grep EMU10K
> Creative EMU10K1 PCI Audio Driver, version 0.20, 20:58:14 Apr 15 2003
> emu10k1: EMU10K1 rev 7 model 0x8061 found, IO at 0xdf80-0xdf9f, IRQ 10
> Maybe this is not a kernel problem now, although 2.4.20 worked without any
> other configuration. I'm running KDE, and I don't have emu-tools, but
> maybe I can poke around and see if I can find the problem.

I'm surprised by this, because Rui recently updated the 2.5 emu10k1 sources to
match the 2.4.20 sources. There are very few difference (2.4.20 used in
both). Make sure you don't have anything "alsa" compiled in anyway (is that
even possible?).

I, myself, would like to use ALSA with my emu10k1, but presently the software
tone controls have the most awful artifacts you can imagine (and are
substantially inferior to the tone control dsp from the emu-tools package..)
and the rear-speaker routings in ALSA do not scale with the master PCM slider
(which only changes the front speakers). I used to have this problem in OSS,
too, and it was due to routing problems, but I cannot see any emu10k1
specific routing utilities in alsa-utils or alsa-tools (?) that do this. Nor
should I have to, optimal settings should be the default, as is with the OSS

Are these problems being worked on, or are these bugs I should report? At the
present time, the ALSA driver is not a technically suitable for the ageing
OSS driver. And it hasn't been since the original emu10k1 driver back in the
pre-0.9.x days, so I find it difficult to believe there's a quick fix.

The emu-tools may be required to enable some of the routing in the new driver,
I'm not sure. What I've done is install the emu tools, (edit the Makefile to
install to /usr not /usr/local) move "emu-script" to /usr/bin (/etc is silly)
and used the attached emu10k1.conf.

For managing the volume, I use umix from (but anything similar
e.g. aumix should suffice) and I've included a working volume profile from
umix (I also had to hack the emu-script to use umix and not aumix; it's not
very well designed).

I hope this helps.


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