Linux kernel rant

From: James Buchanan (
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 23:51:28 EST


I am just wondering if anyone thinks the same way. I am thinking
about going to BSD for good because of these things.

Linux is starting to include code written under non-disclosure
agreements and other nasties, and for me this kills the magic of
Linux. Doesn't stop anyone from reading the code, but it's the
principle that counts.

I don't know. I feel Linux has lost the plot. It's supposed to be
getting bigger and better (well, at least bigger -- to borrow words
from Andy Tanenbaum. He was referring to the onslaught of
"improvements" to Minix being submitted, but now this applies to
Linux as well.)

True, there are lots of nice improvements and binary only drivers
cannot use ksysms, so I've read somewhere. (True? Nice.) But NDAs?
Come on, where do you get off on that?

End rant.

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