Re: Minor header bug? MIPS (32-bit) nlink_t sign

From: Jamie Lokier (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 06:53:08 EST

Ralf Baechle wrote:
> > I assume we are being compatable with Irix? Ralf?
> Dunno where the signed int for nlink_t did come from. The original idea
> was to avoid pointless creativity and choose data types to match IRIX
> rsp. the MIPS psABI.

(I've been going through all the <asm-*/*.h> API files, and there is a
lot of duplication, with very small variations. It was with a view to
getting rid of some of the duplication, and making it easy to see what
the _real_ differences are).

MIPS and Sparc are the only architectures that decided to be really
different to all the other Linux archs).

Anyway, I spotted another MIPS suggestion:


        The comments explain that siginfo_t is IRIX compatible with
        extensions. In fact it is not IRIX compatible, now that
        siginfo_t._sigchld has an additional _uid field in the middle
        of it. So it's compatible for _some_ uses only.

        It's obvious that the code author knew of this change (because
        _irix_sigchld is there to document it), but didn't change the


        That comment should be removed or changed as siginfo_t
        is not IRIX compatible, at least in this part. And maybe
        _irix_sigchld should be removed, along with the comment.

-- Jamie
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