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From: Rick A. Hohensee (
Date: Tue Dec 31 2002 - 07:11:41 EST

This is to announce my availability for President of the United States of
America. I am a 46 year old US citizen. My platform is extreme openness.
As President, I will install high-quality motion-picture cameras
everywhere I sleep, with some distribution mechanism for the interested
adult public to audit the produce of such cameras. Rest assured, there is
currently no reason to suspect that such cameras would detect anything
notable. As President, I will make every effort to release most
government-held secrets. Under me, the Executive Branch will convert all
personal IBM PC-type computers to unix-like or other open-source operating
systems. Et cetera. Extreme openness. I will accept the nomination of
either major US political party. If I don't get a major nomination or huge
independant support, I support the Democratic Party candidate. Until
subsumed by a major established party, consider me the leader of the
"Responsible Party".

Send contributions to

        Rick Hohensee
        3234 Powder Mill Rd.
        Adelphi, Maryland

Please identify yourself accurately with any contributions. Anonymous or
inadequately accounted contributions will be noted on the Internet and
donated to a D.C. service for the homeless, or will be distributed to the
homeless by me personally. Contributions and contributors, if any, will be
listed on the Internet. If you are contributing for or as an organization,
detail the contributors to the organization to at least a 1% resolution.
As far as I know, I may have already hereby violated some campaign finance
law. If so, please advise. Looking at a campaign one step at a time, if
you contribute by check, please note that I don't currently have a
checking account and it requires about $100-- to start one.

Class is accountable. Party responsibly.

Rick (Richard Allen) Hohensee

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