glibc binaries w/ sysenter support

From: Ulrich Drepper (
Date: Sun Dec 29 2002 - 14:51:15 EST

After quite some fiddling we finally have some glibc binaries with
sysenter support. The problems were not in the sysenter code but in
coordinating everything in so that it works on old kernels
(without TLS support).

Anyway, the result can be downloaded from

These RPMs are drop-in replacements for the ones in the last Red Hat
beta, released about a week ago. They haven't been tested in any other
environment. They also use NPTL as the default libpthread. As is the
case with every beta release code, do *not* install them on production
machines. We see no problems with the new code but your mileage may
vary. If you see problems ideally file them in Red Hat's bugzilla
(remember these are RH-specific binaries). Alternatively send reports
to If you suspect the problem is related to the
kernel side you know where to post.

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