Re: Alcatel speedtouch USB driver and SMP.

From: Max Krasnyansky (
Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 14:59:48 EST

At 09:02 AM 12/16/2002 +0000, Colin Paul Adams wrote:
>>>>>> "Greg" == Greg KH <> writes:
> >> drivers/usb/misc/speedtouch.c
> Greg> Ah good, you're using one that the source is available for
> Greg> :) I think the developer has said it will work on SMP
> Greg> machines, but what problems are you having, and have you
> Greg> asked the author of the code?
>I haven't any problems yet, as I haven't bought the modem yet. I don't
>want to if it is going to give me problems.
>The 1.4 version of the driver (before integration into 2.5 series
>kernel), is supposed to not work with SMP kernels (that's why I asked
>in the first place). So I contacted the author (Johan Verrept) to ask on the status,
>and he said he thought it was probably OK now, as it was in the 2.5
>So I grabbed the 2.5.51 sources and looked at the see, and could see
>no mention of a change to fix SMP. So I then contacted Richard Purdie,
>who was the last person to make a change to the source. He said he
>didn't know.
>So, is anyone using it on SMP?
I was, until I got Bluetooth DSL access point :).

I used to have PPPoE setup with Speedtouch modem on my Dual Athlon box. It was running
2.4.18 at that time. Most of the SMP problems were in the ATM code. I fixed some of them
and my patches went into 2.4.19. I did some hack to the driver itself but those
were minor.


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