Re: 2.5.52 and modules (lots of unresolved symbols)?

From: Melchior FRANZ (
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 13:13:56 EST

* Alex Goddard -- Monday 16 December 2002 19:32:
> Huh. Like I said, reinstalling the mod tools and doing a rebuild after a
> make clean cleared it up for me.
> Weird.

Not really. The problem is, that the kernel Makefile contains
an absolute path for depmod (/sbin/depmod) which doesn't seem
like a good idea. I you are installing the module-init-tools
to /usr/local/sbin, they don't take precedence over the old
depmod et al.

Why doesn't the Makefile simply define "DEPMOD = depmod"
instead of "DEPMOD = /sbin/depmod" (and likewise for

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