RE: /proc/cpuinfo and hyperthreading

From: Scott Robert Ladd (
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 09:56:27 EST

Richard Johnson asked:
> How do you know this? How can I learn what Windows does with
> Win/2000/professional?

Run the Windows Task Manager and selected the Performance tab; on my system,
it shows two separate graphs, one for each logical CPU.

> if two CPUs are present...." Direct quote. If you have two logical

> CPUs, you can't remove one, therefore, unless M$ has fixed the problem(s)
> in XP, you can't use Windows with two logical CPUs, i.e., hyperthreading.

The machine came with Windows XP pre-installed; I ran it a couple of times,
then blew it away (do I hear cheers?) when I installed Linux. I probably
didn't run it long-enough to hit any bugs.


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