Re: 2.4.19, don't "hdparm -I /dev/hde" if hde is on a Asus A7V133 Promise ctrlr, or...

From: D.A.M. Revok (
Date: Sun Dec 15 2002 - 17:25:57 EST

man, the Magic SysReq key didn't work ( at all ):
it were DEAD
The drive-light stayed on for 10+ hours, nothing happening ( that I could
figure out ) the whole time. It /stayed/ dead.

/dev/hde is part of a RAID-5 in my system ( because I no longer trust
anything else ), and this only happens on drives connected onto the
Promise controller.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to include this:
trying to touch/activate/read the S.M.A.R.T. in any drive on the Promise
kills it, too. Can't activate the reliability-system without killing
the kernel? /that's/ ironic, eh?

As for having another terminal connected to my home machine...
1. if the kernel's dead, then how's that gonna work, and
2. why have 2 terminals on one machine when I'm a hermit?

I /do/ thank you for the interface-reset tip, though, I hope I never need
that info : )

On Sun 15 December, 2002 16:39, you wrote:
>> have to use the power-switch to get the machine back
>If you have another terminal accessible, you could try:
>hdparm -w /dev/hda
>to reset the interface. I can't guarantee that it wouldn't loose
>data, though.

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