Re: Symlink indirection

From: Andrew Walrond (
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 19:41:06 EST

Hi steve

Stephen Wille Padnos wrote:
> What would you expect to happen if you then did:
> echo "d/w" > d/w
> Which physical directory would you expect a new file to go into?

Using my example:

mkdir a
echo "a/x" > a/x
echo "a/y" > a/y
echo "a/z" > a/z

mkdir b
echo "b/y" > b/y

mkdir c
echo "c/z" > c/z

mkdir d
mount --bind a d
mount --bind --overlay b d
mount --bind --overlay c d

cat d/x

cat d/y

cat d/z


echo "d/w" > d/w would create a new file in directory a.
echo "d/y" > d/y would replace the file b/y

Is this sort of thing possible, or are there fundamental reasons that
would make it difficult?


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