Re: [PATCH] kexec for 2.5.51....

From: Ed Tomlinson (
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 18:59:07 EST

On December 14, 2002 02:37 pm, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> Hurray! a bug report :)

Feels good huh.

> > One other datum. Without the --append line a kernel booted with kexec
> > hangs when
> >
> > tring to mount the real root - it cannot find the device.
> I suspect you want to specify --append="root=/dev/xyz" when calling kexec.

This helps - see below.

> > Am I using kexec correctly? What else can I try? Is there any debug
> > info I can gather?
> Generally you want to put kexec -e your shutdown scripts just before
> the call to reboot. And then you can just say: kexec ...
> and the you get a clean system shutdown. Dropping to run level 1

Why not include this info in kexec -h ? Bet it would prevent a few
failure reports...

> before calling kexec tends to get most of the user space shutdown
> called as well. It is definitely a good idea to be certain X is
> shutdown before calling kexec.

droping to init 1, then calling kexec -e (with the root= and the rest
of the appended parms) works and boots 2.5.51 just fine. <grin>

Two more possible additions to the kexec command.

1. kexec -q which returns rc=1 and types the pending selection and
   its command/append string if one exists and returns rc=0 if nothing
   is pending.

2. kexec -c which clears any pending kernels.

> With respect to USB it is quite possible something in the USB drivers
> does not shutdown correctly on a reboot, and the driver then has trouble
> reinitializing the device.

Very possible since I did not do an init 0/1/6 before the kexec -e. Usb
was probably being asked to do something very unexpected...

> Since you got to the point of mounting root earlier when you did not
> specify anything I wonder if you some of your command line arguments
> made the situation worse.
> Which kernel are you booting with kexec anyway?

2.5.51 + fbcon(bk) + usb(bk) + kexec

> This is actually an expected failure mode, but one I have not seen
> much of yet. The new kernel not coming up because the old drivers
> left the hardware in a state the new drivers cannot handle

> Greg kh asked:

>Could you enable CONFIG_USB_DEBUG to hopefully see more debugging
>messages from the uhci driver during boot, so we could narrow this down?

Done. I will see if I get this to reoccur and will send you debug

Ed Tomlinson
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