Re: [RFC] Hardware support notes for the kernel crypto API (2.5+)

From: Andrew McGregor (
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 16:28:12 EST

> - What will the Kernel & Userspace APIs look like?

A socket family? Most userspace crypto apps, IMO, will deal with
networking somewhere.

> - Asymmetric crypto?

Yes please! A HiFn 6500 can do a 2048-bit DH exchange in about 30ms,
compared with several seconds for a P3-900. It's similarly fast for
everything else, and utterly astonishing for RSA (under a millisecond for a

> Intel
> Crypto documentation for NICs unavailable.

I may have some leverage here. We'll see.

> Broadcom
> No response to emails.

But OpenBSD has drivers, and they say that Broadcom were very good to deal
with. I suggest writing the OpenBSD driver maintainer and asking who to

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