Re: Unresolved symbols in agpart

From: Stephen Torri (
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 15:54:39 EST

On Sat, 2002-12-14 at 14:26, Dave Jones wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 02:08:56PM -0600, Stephen Torri wrote:
> > I would like to help clear up the module problem in the linux kernel
> > (2.5.51). The problem I am getting is when I do "make install" there is
> > a report back that some symbols are unresolved. What I need to know is
> > how these symbols are supposed to be exported? I can grep the files to
> > find the symbols and correct this problem.
> Can you try with the patch at
> and let me know if that fixes things ?

It does not appear to be doing so. The version of 2.5.51 that I have is
the bitkeeper version that I grab via bk.

Here is the output of "make install" for agpart.ko:

Kernel: arch/i386/boot/bzImage is ready
sh arch/i386/boot/ 2.5.51 arch/i386/boot/bzImage ""
depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.5.51/kernel/agpgart.ko
depmod: __alloc_pages
depmod: remap_page_range
depmod: preempt_schedule
depmod: misc_deregister
depmod: pci_find_capability
depmod: unlock_page
depmod: inter_module_register
depmod: pci_bus_read_config_dword
depmod: kmalloc
depmod: __up_wakeup
depmod: __get_free_pages
depmod: vfree
depmod: global_flush_tlb
depmod: __page_cache_release
depmod: no_llseek
depmod: pm_unregister_all
depmod: __might_sleep
depmod: high_memory
depmod: panic
depmod: copy_to_user
depmod: ioremap_nocache
depmod: iounmap
depmod: change_page_attr
depmod: free_pages
depmod: smp_call_function
depmod: zone_table
depmod: pm_register
depmod: __PAGE_KERNEL
depmod: kfree
depmod: pci_devices
depmod: misc_register
depmod: vmalloc
depmod: contig_page_data
depmod: mem_map
depmod: copy_from_user
depmod: wake_up_process
depmod: printk
depmod: inter_module_unregister
depmod: pci_bus_write_config_dword
depmod: __down_failed

I grepped for "remap_page_range" found T remap_page_range R __ksymtab_remap_page_range
Binary file vmlinux matches

I found that in kernel/ksym.c at line 108 is the line that is suppose to
export the symbol:



Stephen Torri <>

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