Re: Networking/Becker et al [was Re: pci-skeleton duplex check]

From: Robert Love (
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 15:47:21 EST

On Sat, 2002-12-14 at 08:28, Henning P. Schmiedehausen wrote:

> e) put an alan-cox-like entity between him and the linux kernel developers
> which translates. Worked terrific for Andre Hedrick. :-)

Isn't that what Jeff is?

No one seems to have a problem working with him. Jeff is the
maintainer. An "Alan Cox" buffer works great when the maintainer is
loony but Jeff is the maintainer and not a wacko. He can work with
Donald just fine if Donald plays the game.

(And I shall add I hope he does, because Donald is a gifted hacker)

        Robert Love

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