IDE-CD and VT8235 issue!!!

From: AnonimoVeneziano (
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 13:40:33 EST

    Hi, I have this chip on a MSI KT4 Ultra (KT400 and VT8235) and an
Athlon 2400+.

I have noe the kernel 2.4.19 and all works fine, but 2.4.19 don't
support this chip (so no DMA & Co) and I've decided to upgrade to 2.4.20
to get it working.
I've compiled in the Debian Way ( kernel-package) and installed the
kernel, then I've rebooted it.
During the startup progress it have initialized the HDs fine , but when
he had reached the first CDROM ( a NEC DVD READER) it locked up with
this message:

hdc: DMA disabled
hdc: drive is not ready for command
ide1: reset: success!

and it repeats this messages in an infinite loop , I don't know how to
solve this , there isn't a patch or something else?

The kernel that I've tried (without success) are:

kernel 2.4.20 (original)
kernel 2.4.20 -ac2
kernel-source-2.4.20 package by debian + patches
kernel-2.5.50-ac1(doesen't boot)
kernel-2.5.53 (doesen't compiles)

Please help

Thank u


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