Re: 2.5.51 ide module problem

From: Jeff Chua (
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 01:45:57 EST

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Adam J. Richter wrote:

> something else?). For what it's worth, 2.5.51 + init-module-tools-0.9.3
> is the first kernel-based module loader configuration which works enough
> so that I'm able to work on other things. For the past few releases, I
> had been restoring user level module loading. There still are a lot of
> quirks with the kernel based module loading, but you might find it
> sufficient to get things done.

I just test your patch and IDE modules are working now on 2.5.51.
reiserfs, devmap and lvm2 are all working ... but the modules has
to be loaded in a certain order, otherwise the whole system would crash.

modprobe ide-mod
ide_info /dev/hda
--> this crashs the system
ide_mod looks for ide_hwifs, start_request, ide_do_request,
ide_do_drive_cmd, ide_diag_taskfile, ide_raw_taskfile,
taskfile_lib_get_identify, task_in_intr, proc_ide_read_identify,
proc_file_read, vfs_read, sys_read, syscall_call

modprobe ide-disk
ide_info /dev/hda
--> this works (ide-disk will load ide-mod first)

Under 2.4, I don't have to load the ide module first, calling fdisk
/dev/hda will automatically loads the ide modules, but under 2.5, I've to
manually load the ide modules.

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