Re: [BK fbdev] Yet again more fbdev updates.

From: James Simmons (
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 19:01:43 EST

> James,
> the fbcon update seems to have broken the plain VGA console. I get a page
> fault at vgacon_scroll+0x144, the call sequence seems to be:
> vt_console_print+0x203
> set_cursor+0x78
> vgacon_cursor+x0xb5

> scrup+0x122

Calling scrup is out of place. It is only called by lf() and csi_M() in
the vt.c. lf() is used in vt_console_print but it is called before
set_cursor(). Also vgacon_cursor doesn't call vgacon_scroll. It can call
vgacon_scrolldelta. Now scrup does call vgacon_scroll. It looks like The
code jumped from the middle of vt_console_print to scrup. Do you get the
same error all the time? Also do you have Preemptible Kernel turned on?

> vgacon_scroll+0x144
> I don't know what triggers it, since it seems to happen pretty randomly.
> Linus

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