Re: 2.5.5[01]]: Xircom Cardbus broken (PCI resource collisions)

Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 13:46:05 EST

On Fri, 13 Dec 2002 17:36:56 GMT, Dave Jones said:

> It's my understanding that pci_enable_device() *must* be called
> before we fiddle with dev->resource, dev->irq and the like.

OK.. it looks like the problem only hits if it's a PCMCIA card *with an
onboard ROM*.

The immediate problem cause is in pcibios_enable_resources():

                if (!r->start && r->end) {
                        printk(KERN_ERR "PCI: Device %s not available because of resource collisions\n", dev->slot_name);

If there's an onboard ROM, this is set up in pcibios_assign_resources():

                if (pci_probe & PCI_ASSIGN_ROMS) {
                        r = &dev->resource[PCI_ROM_RESOURCE];
                        r->end -= r->start;
                        r->start = 0;
                        if (r->end)
                                pci_assign_resource(dev, PCI_ROM_RESOURCE);

but this hasn't happened yet in cb_alloc():

                /* FIXME: Do we need to enable the expansion ROM? */
                for (r = 0; r < 7; r++) {
                        struct resource *res = dev->resource + r;
                        if (res->flags)
                                pci_assign_resource(dev, r);

So I think right *AFTER* this code is the right place for pci_enable_device()
because otherwise we won't have allocated the ROMs, so we'll get conflicts.

/Valdis (who went nuts looking at <6 and <7 all over the place. Should I
volunteer to clean these up to #defines rather than inline magic numbers? ;)

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