Re: Symlink indirection

From: Andrew Walrond (
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 11:34:40 EST

Hi James.

Thanks for the info; my application is now entirely plausible :)
And apologies for asking an FAQ. (Google didn't throw up anything useful)

BTW is documented anywhere except the code?


> The link count is for recursively following symlinks, as the original
> question wanted to know ... and has been discussed on lkml numerous
> times.
> Andrew, one extra piece of information you might not know is that the
> above value doesn't come into play when the new symlink is the last
> element in the new path, then you get a higher value.
> The full code...
> if (current->link_count >= max_recursive_link)
> goto loop;
> if (current->total_link_count >= 40)
> goto loop;
> [...]
> current->link_count++;
> current->total_link_count++;
> UPDATE_ATIME(dentry->d_inode);
> err = dentry->d_inode->i_op->follow_link(dentry, nd);
> current->link_count--;
> ...Ie. a link from /a -> /b/c where "b" is a symlink takes the
> "max_recursive_link" value (5 on vanilla kernels) but if "/b/c" was a
> symlink then you get to use the 40 value.

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