Re: 2.5.5[01]]: Xircom Cardbus broken (PCI resource collisions)

From: Petr Konecny (
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 11:17:14 EST

 Arjan> interesting. BUT aren't we writing to the device 3 lines before
 Arjan> where you add the pci_enable_device()? That sounds like a bad
 Arjan> plan to me ;(

 Valdis> I see why the if/continue was added - you don't want to be
 Valdis> calling device_register()/pci_insert_device() if
 Valdis> pci_enable_device() loses. I don't see why 2.5.50 moved the
 Valdis> code up after pci_setup_device(). There's an outside chance
 Valdis> that the concept of moving the call was correct, but that it
 Valdis> should have been moved to between the calls to
 Valdis> pci_assign_resource() and pci_readb(). If that's the case,
 Valdis> then you're correct as well....
I can confirm that this indeed works. I moved the two lines before
pci_readb and the card works (every character you now read went through
it). Who shall submit a patch to Linus ?

Now I have to figure out, how to make it load without manual modprobe
xircom_cb. Oh the joys of new module loader.


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