Re: Local APIC(?)+PIII mobile

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 09:15:05 EST

On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 11:56, Joćo Seabra wrote:
> I have an Asus S8600.
> Mobile PIII 800Mhz + 192M RAM.
> If i select "Local APIC support on uniprocessors" the kernel while booting
> says there's no APIC present.Why?
> I know the same problem with some other laptops.
> Others detect it.

Because there isn't one present 8)

The APIC although on processor isnt present in all processors - at least
not all older ones. Its not a required CPU feature so not every
processor vendor includes it on all their processors.


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