Linux/alpha vs. 2.4.20 and ISO9660 vs long file names

From: Stephen Williams (
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 20:49:42 EST

I don't know if this is an alpha-specific problem, but I am having
some troubles with the off-the-shelf 2.4.20 kernel on a RedHat 7.2
system (upgraded from 7.1).

For some reason, ls is having trouble with long file names on the
disk. I follow with strace, and getdents64 is returning the right
number of entries, but then ls tries to lstat a truncated name.
I can't say of the getdirent64 is trundating the name, but it seems

The ls program itself is likely fine because I don't see this
problem when running 2.4.18. Also, other programs that get directory
listings have troubles with the longer file names on ISO CDROMS.
Furthermore, shorter file names (still longer then 8 characters)
work fine.

P.S. I'm not subscribed to the list. Please CC me.

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